Skin Superfood: Camelina

Camelina: Nutrient-Dense


Camelina is a flowering plant native to Europe, which grows well in cold and arid climates.


Camelina oil is nutrient dense skin moisturizer rich in vitamin E and omega oils help to improve skin tone and prevent free radical damage. Its texture and mild scent also make a nice massage oil.

A hot oil scalp massage is another useful treatment. It moisturizes the scalp and gets rid of excess dandruff or flakiness. Work it into your hair as well to provide a hot oil conditioning to keep hair soft and healthy.


Camelina oil has twice as much omega-3 oils as omega-6 oils, which is a healthier ratio than oils like canola or sunflower seed that have higher amounts of omega-6.

The oil composition in camelina gives it a very high smoke point of 475°F (246°C), the smoke point of an oil being the point when it starts burning, which produces smoke and harmful chemical byproducts. This makes it a much healthier option for frying or high heat sautéing where you need a smoke point of at least 400°F (204°C).