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Your Skin is Alive
Your Skin is Alive (tm)

Your skin is alive

And it needs balance to be healthy

And it needs balance to be healthy

Our skin is a living ecosystem, or microbiome, between us and the world. This microbiome, invisible but so very active, consists of millions of friendly microorganisms living on our skin in harmony with our own cells.

Believe it or not, 9/10 cells in our body are not human, but friendly microorganisms working hand in hand with our own cells.

Your skin microbiome is a big deal! Scientists see it as the key to healthy skin.

Many factors – as various as pollution, allergens, harsh cleansers, daily stress or even a poor diet – disturb your microbiome natural balance, leading to inflammation.

The result: skin that is more sensitive, prone to irritation, dryness and premature aging, but also conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea.

A healthy, balanced microbiome acts as your skin’s natural protective shield.

Cross-section of a cell

What do we mean by clean skincare? 100% Clean and Safe your your skin and the planet.


Uniquely formulated skincare to work with your own skin.

Skin-Mimicking pH, Natural & Clean, Allergen-Free, All Natural Preservatives, Clinically-Proven Biome Actives.

Feed your skin clinically proven probiotics & prebiotics + plant-based superfoods
Feed your skin clinically proven probiotics & prebiotics + plant-based superfoods

Probiotic means “For Life”. These good bacteria, like the one found in yogurt, work with our own cells to keep us healthy inside and out.  Prebiotics are the essential nutrients your skin natural ecosystem, or microbiome, needs to be healthy.
Together with our proprietary blends of plant-based superfoods, they help keep your skin healthy and balanced.


skin’s natural balance and calm


for supple, hydrated skin


skin barrier to lock in moisture


signs of irritation and inflammation


environmental stressors and bad bacteria