Welcome to BIOMILK Probiotic Skincare

Welcome to BIOMILK™ Probiotic Skincare!

Where gentle clinically-proven Probiotics (like the ones in your morning yogurt or kombucha) meet hand-picked potent Superfoods to feed your skin the healthy nutrition it craves!

Our passion is health, body and mind, and health starts with what we eat  ?

Natural & Safe – Always gentle – Cruelty-free

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Our Customers Are Raving

  • “I truly look forward to washing my face now –

    which is something I have definitely never been able to say before.”*

  • “I use BIOMILK Serum every day before my Day Cream and before my Night Cream.

    After a week my husband asked me if I was doing anything new because my skin looked so good!”*

  • “I LOVE the Night Cream!

    It feels very nourishing, and the scent is so relaxing at the end of the day.”*

  • “I have dry skin.

    BIOMILK Body Lotion is my secret for soft smooth skin all day with no greasy residue.”*

  • “Wow my skin feels so clean and soft after using BIOMILK Detox Scrub!

    And it is so gentle I can use it every day.”*

  • “My simple morning routine: a good breakfast for me and BIOMILK Day Cream for my skin.

    Now I’m ready to face the day!”*