Health experts are raving about prebiotics, and so should you


Did you know that we have a couple trillion “friendly” bacteria cells in our body, especially in our gut (small intestine)? And a healthy gut directly impacts our overall wellbeing, for example by ensuring better nutrient absorption and enhancing the strength of the immune system.

To support a healthy gut bacterial balance, start by cleaning up your diet.

First, avoid processed foods, preservatives and refined sugars and see your energy level shoot straight up – not to mention you will quickly notice a healthier glow.

Second, start incorporating plenty of Prebiotic foods and Probiotic foods in your diet. You may have heard quite a bit about probiotic foods – fermented yogurt, kombucha, probiotic-enriched and fermented foods, or even supplements. But what about prebiotics?

Simply put, prebiotics are the foods our super-friendly gut bacteria crave to be healthy. They play a fundamental role in preserving health by maintaining the balance and diversity of intestinal bacteria, especially by increasing the presence of “good bacteria,” such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.

Still unconvinced about the huge health and wellness benefits of Prebiotics?

Take a second look:

  • Better gut health and improved digestion
  • Enhanced immune function
  • Lower inflammation
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Protect bone health
  • Regulate hormone levels and mood



Prebiotic foods contain healthy fiber that feed the good bacteria living in the gut. Note that it’s best to eat prebiotic foods raw, since cooking can decrease or break down healthy fiber content.

Here are our top 14:

1.       Dandelion greens 8.     Oats
2.       Garlic and onion 9.     Banana
3.       Leeks 10.   Apples
4.       Asparagus 11.   Cocoa (ground or nibs)
5.       Artichoke 12.   Flax seed (ground)
6.       Chicory roots 13.   Wheat bran
7.       Barley 14.   Seaweed
Bon appétit!


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