The best way to wash your face

Ever wonder how to wash your face?

Seriously though, it’s not as straightforward as it seems! For the best way to wash your face, every day, for every skin type – read on!

If your skin feels tight and dry after washing, if you feel the need to apply a moisturizing cream immediately after, you need to rethink your beauty routine. Washing your face is maybe the #1 beauty act we all do every single day. Some of us in the morning, most of us in the evening or sometimes both. But it is a well-known fact: clean skin is the right foundation for healthy skin.

And especially in a pandemic when we may wear masks sometimes for long hours at a time, it is important to fight off the dirt, daily radiation from the sun or screens, irritants, allergens or other pathogens that accumulate throughout the day. No one likes premature aging, acne after 21 or a dull skin tone, ever.

The first step to protect our skin is actually to clean and replenish (yes we said replenish, not take anything away from it). So what are the golden rules for finding the right face wash?

Squeaky clean is a big no-no

For a long time, feeling squeaky clean was promoted as the true clean, as in “nothing left behind”. But what that means actually is that your skin was stripped of its natural oils, lipids and moisture that naturally protect its outer layer. Your skin should feel fresh and soft, not depleted!

Your cleaner should be kind and clean

The goal of cleansing is to remove dirt, dust, irritants, and other pathogens from the outer skin layers that can disrupt the natural balance of its ecosystem. That’s why the #1 rule is to be gentle: no chemical ingredients, no harsh treatment, no strong friction that would remove more than it takes. So if it looks too strong … just stay away. 

Check out labels

It pays to be curious and not take labels for granted. Many products carry some form of qualifier such as “sensitive skin” or “gentle for all skin types”. So why do over 60% of women still experience dry, tight skin after use? Because you have to look deeper, straight into the list of ingredients (aka the INCI list). Take a quick look and check out ingredients that sound suspect. Pthalates, sulfates (SLS!), non-microbiome-friendly preservatives, and more… can be found in popular facial cleansers, even those that claim to be formulated for sensitive skin.

Go for natural, clean ingredients

When in doubt, try checking them against a database for clean and safe ingredients such as the EWG database ( ) to confirm they are healthy and beneficial for your skin. 

Try something new!

You have used plain bar soaps (just no! 🤦), gels, creams or even micellar water. But what about a powder? We just launched our new BIOMILK Prebiotic Powder Face Wash! No alcohols, preservatives, colorants, fragrances, or any form of irritant.

Just natural, clean, non-stripping surfactants (cleanser) with safe, plant-derived moisturizers, in an easy-to-use powder. Add a couple drops of water to activate it, instantly creating a thick lather to gently remove all that’s needed, even make-up, while leaving all the good biome components in tact.  


Give it a try and let us know what you think! Plus, follow our socials (Instagram and Facebook) to discover more about our commitment to biome nutrition and more!